SaskParty Leadership Roundup: Week 2 (Alternate Title: Chevy’s Funeral Home & Crematorium)

Roundup... get it? Because rural. If there's a tractor in Saskatchewan that a SaskParty leadership candidate hasn't tried to wedge themselves into over the past week or two, I'd be surprised. First, some housekeeping: I'm calling this Week 2 of the SaskParty leadership race. It's probably not, but that feels about right to me, so... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Taking a Twitter Break, By @tammyrobert

I am not in Twitter jail. I am not being sued. Nobody has told me I have to leave Twitter, or else. I have 30 days to log back in and reinstate my Twitter account, and of course I'm going to do so. I really didn't think anyone would care or notice outside of my friends,... Continue Reading →

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