Thoughts and Prayers for Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Service’s Last Shred of Compassion, Dignity #RIP

For years, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services has been paying a flat rate of $3850 to cover the cost of funerals for people who die while on some form of income assistance, or for anyone else who dies broke - for example, a senior citizen on a fixed income without savings. In the 2017-18 provincial bloodbath budget, that... Continue Reading →

Saskatchewan’s Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad…Actually Let’s Just Say It’s a Bloodbath

I wanted to title this post 'Saskatchewan Budget 2017: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly', but it didn't work out, because there's nothing good about it. If I had stayed with that theme, I could have gone with something like 'Saskatchewan Budget 2017: A Little Bit Okay and OMG ARE YOU %#@& SERIOUS?!' It's pretty... Continue Reading →

SaskaBroke: The Demonization of Public Service and Where All That Money Really Came From

We can all agree on one thing, so let's start there: Saskatchewan is broke. Okay, two things - we all know resource revenues are low. Oil prices plunged two years ago, in January 2015, and have stayed low ever since. The potash market is stagnant. But this notion, peddled by the Saskatchewan government, that our... Continue Reading →

2016 Sask Auditor’s Year-End Report: What You Didn’t Hear

On December 8th, 2016 the Provincial Auditor (PA) of Saskatchewan released her year-end report. The PA's office generates two (giant) reports per year, one in June and one in December, plus any ad hoc reports she's asked to deliver. The mid-year report and the year-end report each cover a plethora of issues involving all things Government of Saskatchewan,... Continue Reading →

Saskatoon’s Lighthouse: Somebody get Social Services a F***ing Calculator

In Saskatoon, few pieces of real estate have stirred as much controversy and debate as the Lighthouse. The building, located on the corner of Saskatoon's 20th St E and 2nd Avenue, was constructed in 1905 as the Empire Hotel, then changed hands in the 1960s, when the original brick exterior was renovated with the tile and marble... Continue Reading →

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